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I’ve been thinking of the kind of love I want to make lately

I’ve been thinking of what to do to not feel empty

In arms not designed to hold me

In arms designed to hold nothing but themselves

So, you always feel like they took something

Every time they exit you

Even if they kiss your lips

After you suck them off

I don’t want to make draining love anymore

So, I come to you

For a kiss that isn’t just leaving evidence on my lips

For something with longevity

Leave enough prints

That they trace you back to me

I want something that parades itself on rooftops in the morning

Mark me with your tongue so I smile like you on the inside too

I want something as pure as snow leaving the skies

As pure as rain washing the clouds

Something as pure as screaming into each other’s mouths

And singing each other’s names right after

Something that I don’t have to heal from

I’ve been craving touch that doesn’t make me feel dirty

That doesn’t make my skin crawl

So, I come to you

Begging you to go slow

I’m a little fragile

I flinch when I’m touched and it’s not your fault

I’m just used to the rougher side of being held

So, go slow

Find parts of me that are cold

And cover them in your warmth

Remind me that I am safe

Even if you don’t mean it

Specially if you don’t mean it

I need the lie to be able to participate

I need to know that I won’t die after

That I won’t dive into fire just to burn you out of me

Go slow

Make yourself fortress

And let me sink into the sound of your voice

Talk me out of my skin

And into yours

What a way to dissociate

What a way to get high

Love me till your fingers are empty

Love me till my flesh resembles art

But stop me when I start speaking in your voice

When I start saying your words

Mimicking your mannerisms

Go slow

Move against me like you’re trying to seduce water

Tell me how sweet I am when you sip me

Tell me how much you miss the parts that drip off the sides of your lips

Tell em how you wish you could consume all of me

Not just meat but the bones too

Not just words but the poems too

Beg me to write you into stories

So you could challenge yourself

So you could live up to my narrative

Go so slow that the skies think us statue

That the apocalypse misses us

Go so slow that I wrap around you inch by inch

And you feel every bit of this grip

Go so slow that the moans never even exit my lips

Leave them open enough for butterflies to fly in

And mate in my stomach

Go so slow that we repopulate the planet

With nothing but each other’s face

I find joy in the ways you dance with my ghost

I watch her sway with you to the sounds our bodies make

She’s searching for milk in the sky

To wet her tongue

To keep it cool while she sucks on you

there’s something revolutionary

in crying out to old names

when you bury yourself in this cave

I love that you call my battle cries orgasms

I love how you encourage them

I love when you tell me to cum for you

And I will everytime

Even if I have to shake outside of my skin

I will every time even if it ends me

I love how you call my battle cries orgasms

And ask me to repeat the phrases

As if they’re enough to ward off our enemies

I like that you bend me over sometimes

To ride me over landmines

You think I’m prettiest when im blown up


There’s revolution

In the ways a black man moans

It sounds like freedom

Tell me how to make love to you

And make you feel safe too.

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